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Cluster headaches PDF Print E-mail
Written by John spottiswoode   
Wednesday, 28 March 2012 17:45

I have suffered cluster headaches for many, many years.  I tried all sorts of things from pills to relaxation techniques to trying to avoid any food that may be causing a reaction.  I still every so often had a batch of nights where I would wake up at about 2am with a splitting headache and a blocked nose on my right hand side.  The pain was always behind my right eye.

The doctor prescribed strong painkillers which were not much use.  I would recover when I got up although my brais sometimes felt 'bruised' and vulnerable to another headache.  This often duly arrived the next night.

I was having one of these series of cluster headaches a few months ago when I tried something different.  Instead of lying on my side with a fluffed up pillow I pushed the pillow down so that it supported my neck and my head lay level, or even slightly down at the top of the head. Suddenly my cluster headaches stopped and have not returned.  It seems that without realising it my head was in a position that put my neck at a slight kink.  By changing my pillow it allowed the neck to be straight and supported.  This seems to have solved my cluster headaches.


John S.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 28 March 2012 22:28