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Healing is Our Goal PDF Print E-mail
Written by Allen Lawrence, M.D.   
Tuesday, 17 April 2012 15:08
We Are All Healers and We Are All In the Process of Learning How To Heal

The overall goal of is to create a dialogue about healing. If you have read any of the articles on this site or on any of the others sites I write for, you likely recognize that I believe that we as individuals, as human beings, are the most powerful species on Planet Earth. We are problem solvers and we are healers. True in may cases we are problem creators. We often do in the process of day-to-day life create problems for ourselves and others.

It has long been my belief that illness is an intelligent act of our body trying to communicate information to us. Unfortunately, it is our propensity to create problems that often take center stage in our life. We see the problems created and we miss read them. We think of ourselves as the problem rather than the solution. Too often we see the problems as created by us because we are incompetent or because we are weak, or because we are problem makers. We see the problems as out side of us and affecting us, often negatively and we miss that these problems and all of the problems in the world around us are opportunities and challenges to improve and better ourselves. We miss that often these problems are simply the result of attempts to solve other problems where we unfortunately but necessarily picked the wrong solution. We forget that problems are often solved by trial and error, taking chances by choosing possible solutions and when these trials do not work out we look at what we have done and we then criticize ourselves rather then thank ourselves for at least trying. 

Clearly it has through out the ages benefitted one group or another to potentiate this myth. Over the years, so many of us have ultimately bought into this myth that it has virtually become a “known fact” people are imperfect, they make mistakes, they create trouble and as one of my patients told me they “invite evil into their lives.”

The truth is there are bad people and some of these bad people do bad things. Some of what they do can even be thought of as evil, but in almost every case, right or wrong, they were generally ended up making bad decisions while trying to solve problems they believe need to be solved.

Our hope is that through dialogue with those how are interested we will find the most common thread laced through mankind, problem solving. When we solve problems, especially when we apply the right solution to the right problems, we create healing. We see this all around us in everything we do as human beings, in how we think and in who we are. To prove this one only has to look at how we have taken ourselves from living in caves to creating amazing societies where we live, work and play. Could they be better? Of course, I am not suggesting that we have reached our pinnacle nor our highest capacity, far from it. We are still much like third graders we can read and write a bit, we understand the basic language of our parents, we can communicate, we have some reason, logic skills are present, BUT we are still young and we are still only at the threshold of our overall potential. We have years, likely generations, to go until we reach the fourth grade level and we are no where near being at the highest level of education we will ultimately get to. We still have a long way to go toward knowing who we are and using this information appropriately.
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