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Healing versus Treating PDF Print E-mail
Written by Allen Lawrence, M.D.   
Thursday, 19 April 2012 22:16
Western medicine is primarily about treating and treatment. It is not about healing nor curing. Too often these terms are not only confused but mixed up. So many people I meet believe that taking a medication, using a supplement or some nutritional product, heals them or solves their health problems. While using their using a specific medication, supplement or product may facilitate healing the healing is really accomplished by their actions.
Consider the following: a friend is wandering the desert and in the process of becoming dehydrated. We all believe that water would be the cure for his dehydration and it seems logical that if he came upon a glass of water this would be the solution to his problem. It seems to make sense yet, it is not the water that is the act of healing it is his drinking the water that accomplishes the healing. If he had a stream of wonderful fresh water flowing directly in front of him, if he had a lake or ocean of fresh water BUT he did not actually drink any of this water, he might ultimately die of dehydration.

Hence, it is not the medication you take, nor the supplement or nutritional product that saves us it is our action, it is our using it, that accounts for our healing. We often sell our self short by thinking that it is the doctor, the medication, the food, nutrients or products we use that heal us when in fact there is only one healer in the entire universe, our own self.

Healing starts within us and not outside of us. Treatment starts out side of us and is only meaningful if 1) we use it and 2) it is the right treatment. The wrong treatment delays healing and wastes energy. While we can and we can often learn from everything we do, understanding that we must want to get well and we must communicate this to our body is vital.

This is a topic that is almost as broad as life itself. In the next weeks and months we will look and relook that what healing is and how we can create and support it. Cure will best be understood as solution of unresolved conflicts whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, real or imagined finding and resolving these conflicts not only heals us but cures us.
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