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Healing and Freedom PDF Print E-mail
Written by Allen Lawrence, M.D.   
Friday, 27 April 2012 21:48
The other day I was asked, "What do you believe is the most important aspect of healing?" By now readers should likely understand that I think, feel and live healing. This is a topic which is hardly mentioned in the real world and only summarily dealt within medicine. When most people do talk about healing, they are usually really talking about treatment. Which is of course a topic for another article down the road.

The bedrock of healing is freedom. This should ultimately be quite obvious for without freedom, lack of constrictions and restrictions, healing is limited and cannot be fully accepted nor acquired. Therefore no matter what else is important or represents a meaningful part of healing must then take a back seat to freedom.
This is not always easy to see. Many people actually work against healing, they think or act to protect themselves from what is new and different; instead of looking or for working new ways to solve problems and find solutions they embrace the past, what is old and has not worked in the past, They embrace and celebrate theirs or others limitations. These same people often tend to see the world rotating around the status quo, what was good and worked for hundreds of years, must still be good to day. If healing is not occurring because they are maintaining the status quo, they work harder to keep things they way they have been. In doing so they merely maintain an inability to encourage and facilitate healing.

The fact is one cannot really heal his or herself without the freedom to function and do what is needed to solve problems, to over throw the conflicts that undermine themselves and their immune system. Healing almost always requires an ability see problems in a new light for only when you do so can you ultimately find new solutions and new healing creativity. Only when there is total freedom can you look at the worst and see how it can be resolved, hence undone and in doing so allow healing to finally occur.

Freedom not only allows for problem solving, it also creates a new and powerful environment one of where there is an increased willingness to heal, to give up old tired and destructive thoughts and ideas, reduce stress, eliminate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual constraints to allow finding new solutions. It also frees our inner self, our body-mind to be free. This allows these parts of our self to be free to work on, reach for and find out who we really are. While the laws of most societies are designed to keep order and protect the masses, our ability to heal must transcend these laws, our static society, our political party, the constraints created by conservative religions and group pressure and faulty beliefs. In order to heal we must be capable of moving past all of these and finding out what we need and what will work for us. We must do this with only one constraint, that we create no intentional hurt or harm to any others, the Golden Rule. Our target must be becoming and being the very best we can be, being happy, living in joy and having the freedom to be one’s self and live as he or he wants, while causing no hurt or harm to any others.

Freedom often requires release from fixed ideologies, from narrowness of mind, from bigotry, from prejudice, from tribalism and from any fear of being and becoming what others will not like, not appreciate or consider a threat.

Freedom allows each of us to be who we are meant to be and not to end up having to be something we are not nor can never be, nor something which will ultimately make us sick or undermine us.

Freedom is the opposite of controlled and the opposite of giving up one’s self. Freedom is our natural state of being. It allows us to be our most creative self. It allows us to change and learn from our changes. It allows us to see problems as challenges and opportunities and not as threats to our needs and desires.

Freedom is inherent in our nature for it is essential that each of us must be his or her best in order to maintain and facilitate survival and our ability to thrive. If we cannot thrive, we will not survive. With survival comes evolution. With evolution comes finding the best of ourselves and learning how to live and be successful.

When we are limited, our field of vision becomes too narrowed, we ultimately spend more time and energy on working to be free and trying to find ways to be free and when this happens we will in the end spend less time actually being free. When this happens, we lose our best weapon for success and healing, being our highest and best self.
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