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Written by Allen Lawrence, M.D.   
Monday, 02 July 2012 16:29
I apologize to readers for not preparing an article for you for last week. I do have a reason. Whether or not it is a good reason, I will leave up to each reader. My reason is simple. I have been working on the final edit of my book, When Your Body Talks, Listen! Lisa and I have been working on this book for several years. Now it is just about finished.

When Your Body Talks, Listen! It is about Stress-Related Disorders (SRDs), that is, illnesses caused by or made worse by stress. Many years ago we realized that stress was not just an annoying problem, rather it was the source of most medical problems. In fact, a number of research studies performed in the past 20 years suggest that stress is the cause of anywhere from 70 to 90% of all medical problems seen in medical offices. We have for our purposes adopted the static 70 to 80% for we chose after looking at the majority of these studies, to remain conservative in our estimates, However, whether 70%, 80% or 90%, this is still a major source of pain and suffering.
What this means is that if you are currently ill, there is an excellent likelihood that stress has played a role in either causing it or pushing it to worsen. Once we understood what these studies implied we began a critical look at what Stress-Related Disorders or SRDs really are. Needless to say what we recognized reshaped our entire sense of what caused illness and how illness is best treated.

For nearly 40 years I have been unhappy with what I learned, or rather did not learn, in medical school. For within a few years of graduating and entering into medical practice, I began to recognize that what I had thought I was going to be doing on becoming a medical doctor, curing people of illness, was an illusion and a total lie. What I, and most of my medical colleagues actually do, is maintain illnesses and simply treat symptoms. Hence, year after year we would see the same patients for mostly the same problems. While many people have been made more comfortable, few have been cured.

True, some people were cured, possibly 20 -25 % of people treated by medical doctors or alternative medical practitioners are actually cured of their illnesses. Patients with cancer would be treated with surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and then 5, 10, 15 even 20 years later many were still alive and still cancer free. It certainly seemed that we had cured them, but with closer reflection  we soon recognized that in many of these situations we had cured one set of  problems, only to see entirely new sets of problems rise up to take their place.

As we watched and worked with hundreds of patients, we began to recognize that the reason for this was simple as you treated one problem and the cause of that problem was not resolved, the problem simply moved to another area or organ so that the body maintained pressure on the person to look for and resolve his or her problems which had not yet been unresolved.

As the years passed,  it eventually became clear that in order to actually heal people and cure their health problems, you had to find the cause of their problems and heal or resolve them. This is what When Your Body Talks, Listen! is all about, how each of us can recognize the cause of our health problem, then resolve these causes and cure our self.

It is clear however, that this rarely if ever happens through standard Western medicine. It is also clear that even most alternative practitioners are not doing this either. It also became clear that when SRDs are not healed some of the more problematic ones will progress slowly and steadily toward chronic disease state and may even result in premature disability or even death,

The fact that the current Western and alterative medical  systems usually do not heal SRDs should not invalidate the value of  medical doctors nor alternative practitioners from helping you and treating acute or life-threatening illnesses. In fact, working together treating SRDs and taking advantage off either or both Western and alternative medical systems you can heal faster and even more completely. We talk about this in great detail in When Your Body Talks, Listen! how to maximize benefit from both Western and alternative medical systems. There are many reasons why SRDs can benefit from a combined approach. We also discuss the many natural defensive and protective system already built right into our body’s and how very well designed they are to both and support us in staying well. We also discuss how healing can be made faster, easier and more productive, when you simply understand why your body is not working for you and how you can redirect it so that it does what it is meant to do, be the greatest problem solver on earth.

We hope to have When Your Body Talks, Listen! published and available to everyone by September 2012. We have been working on it intensely finishing it up so that we can  get it to the publishers. Please, if you have an illness that is not getting better, or if you have many illnesses, one after another, consider that you might have an SRD, until you know otherwise. We will let everyone know once When Your Body Talks, Listen! is available. Understanding what SRDs are and how you can eliminate them, could help you to finally heal yourself of most if not all illnesses and live a long healthy, happy life.
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