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Written by Allen Lawrence, M.D.   
Sunday, 22 July 2012 23:46
I continue to work on finishing up my series of book on healing using Huna Prayers. The last book in this series, which I am currently finishing up, is Huna Prayer: Healing Yourself and Others Using Huna Prayer. For those who are unfamiliar with Huna, it is Hawaiian medicine. I started studying Huna many years ago when I recognized that Western medicine was not about healing people but rather about treating medical conditions, that is, treating the symptoms created by medical conditions without treating the cause of these same medical problems.

I recognized somewhere along the way that Western medicine was not about healing, it was only about treating, so I started on a 20-year journey, looking at many other then Western medical healing systems. I read hundreds of books and articles and talked with dozens of healers from virtually every type of healing system I could identify. This included Asian, African and Latino shaman - curanderos, native American healers, faith healers, religious healers, in fact anyone and everyone who knew anything about healing.
In the early 1980s I moved to and lived in Hawaii for a year and made contact with several Hawaiian Huna healers. I returned again to live in Hawaii in the mid 1990s, Once back on Maui I began working with two Hawaiian healers. I soon recognized that what they used and worked with was far beyond what Western medicine understood or recognized in relations to treating and healing. The Huna masters or kahuna understood aspects of what made us human and what lead to both illness and healing that Western medical practitioners were unable to fathom or use in their day to day care and treatment of those who were ill and wanted to be healed.

Since the late 1990's, I have integrated the basics of Huna healing into how I practice medicine. Also into my writing. While I would love to say that what I recognize as the cause and treatment of illness was naturally a part of Western medicine, I can’t. In fact, without Huna I would be left like most all of my medical colleagues to believe that every illness was in fact caused by a deficiency of one or another medication or drug. They are not.

In our soon to be released book When Your Body Talks, Listen! I have introduced a Westernized version of Huna. It is not at all watered down rather only used in a way that allows those who understand the Western approach, anatomy, physiology, treatment can easily understand. As I have written in several prior articles, Huna allows us to look at why illness occurs, its triggers and hence it cures. I have and still am mostly interested in Stress-Related Disorders, SRDs, but Huna is broader and deeper in that it can tell us much about physical illnesses, injuries, mental, emotional and even spiritual illnesses. It tells us not only how to recognize illness early before it causes permanent harm, but also why the illness has occurred and what we can do to eliminate them. That’s right eliminate the reasons for illness hence the causes of illness which then allow complete and total healing and the cure of these illnesses. Most medical doctors can at best promise you that they can help you control symptoms and only in cases of minor illnesses cure them.

It is true that physicians can cure many serious medical conditions even some cancers, but only by either cutting them our or poisoning them. Huna allows you to recognize and find the causes of the cancer and then activate your immune system to 1) heal the medical condition, and 2) eliminate the causes and reasons it has occurred, hence curing it so that it will never return nor transform into any other life-threatening illness.

One of the most powerful processes in Huna are Huna Prayers. Huna Prayers allow us to active the highest healing power we have built into us. Huna Prayers differ from religious prayer in that they allow us to give direct instructions to our body-mind to bring us what we desire whether that be healing, relationships or money. The Hawaiians believed that we as human beings are spiritual beings and that we are entitled to use our spiritual power, our Higher Self, to bring to us all that we want in life. The Huna master and Huna devotee is able to do this through using Huna Prayers.

My goal this year is to publish a series of four books on healing. First and foremost When Your Body Talks, Listen! Then three books on Huna Prayer:

Huna Prayer: The Hidden Code Of The Bible, Using Prayer To Ask For And Get What You Want    Huna Prayer: Using Huna Prayer To Heal Your Self And Others, A Workbook for Building Huna    Prayers
Huna Prayer: Healing Yourself and Others Using Huna Prayer

I am open for questions on any topic regarding healing. If you have a question send it on to me through This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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