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What is Healing? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Allen Lawrence, M.D.   

To Heal: to mend, to provide cure for, to make sound, to get or make healthy again, to put right, to make whole, to get better, to rejuvenate, to ameliorate, improve, become better, to cure

"Healing" can therefore be said to be:

1) To make sound or whole, to heal a wound, to restore to health;

2) (a) to cause (an undesirable condition) to be overcome; to mend, (b) to patch up, as in to patch up a breach or division; (c) to heal a breach between friends, 3) to restore to original purity or integrity, such as to be healed of sin; to return to a sound state.

Healing Is A Process

One of the most prevailing definitions in medical texts is the following: “Healing is the process by which the cells in the body regenerate and repair to reduce the size of a damaged or necrotic area. Healing incorporates both the removal of necrotic tissue (demolition), and the replacement of this tissue (rebuilding).”

This rebuilding or replacement is generally believed to happen in two ways:

1) By regeneration: the necrotic cells are replaced by the same tissue as was originally there.
2) By repair: injured tissue is replaced with scar tissue.

Most organs and tissues will heal using a mixture of both mechanisms.

The Way Medicine Looks At Healing and Healing Itself

A more common and slightly broader definition of healing frequently found in most medical texts suggests that “healing” is the 1) restoring to health; promoting the closure of wounds and ulcers. 2) The process of a return to health. 3) The closing of a wound. The reunion of torn or injured tissues.

Still another and even broader and less medically accepted definition is that “healing” is the 1) act or process of curing or of restoring to health, and 2) the process of getting well.  We like this definition more than either above.

Within these definitions we can see a major problem within our society, that in depending on which definition one chooses to use, we can either narrow the definition of “healing” to such a degree (as in the first set of definitions) where healing would not be considered to have anything to do with either cure or restoration of total health and well-being, rather only the automatic actions our body takes in its mechanical process of healing. This narrow definition is widely used by many physicians. Unfortunately it leaves out the possibility that healing could mean total cure, or complete restoration of all prior functions, return to wellness and optimal function. It leaves the patient/client in a deficit where “the broad definition of healing is not even considered. In such situations many medical professionals by first accepting this narrower definition and then by allowing it to remain limited, act to restrict not only their own capacity. When they do this they automatically also act to limit the capacity of their client/patient to heal and they discourages any attempt on either their own or on the client/patient’s part to obtain a full and total healing nor for the client/patient to play any role in curing on their own or with the help of the physician the illnesses they suffer.

It is not until we broaden the definition of “healing” that we can see that healing is not only possible, but necessary and available. If you do not know that you can be fully and completely healed, then why would you expect for it to happen? How could you even work to help it happen?

Healing is a Natural Part of Life

What is implied in the very first definition and is rarely said, is that the body knows exactly what it needs to do to heal. Its knowledge of healing is part of the body’s internal wisdom. It is an automatic act. But as we suggested and will repeat again and again, by what we believe we can limit our capacity or we can enhance it, we can energize it or we can depress it. By what we expect, our complex of beliefs, we can facilitate complete and total healing and cure or we can obstruct our ability to heal and to return to full and compete wellness and cure.

The goal of this web site and every thing we write on our part will be to help you, our readers and contributors, to recognize that healing and cure are not just possible, they are your birthright, they are born into you and they are part of you.