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Structure of Healing PDF Print E-mail
Written by Allen Lawrence, M.D.   
In order to start a healing process, it is essential to first have a clear concept of 1) the process of illness in general, and 2) the specific illness or disease which needs to be healed. The ill person can be feeling poorly, off center, out of balance, full of symptoms and yet may not actually be sick. On the other hand, an individual can feel perfectly well and yet have a disease, even a chronic disease. Illness, to be real to the individual must enter into the individuals consciousness, so that it can be recognized and hence known. The passage from recognition to acceptance is the next stage. "I am sick - Oh! My God! "What am I going to do about it?"

Denial of illness is a block to creating a healing program which can eliminate it. Acceptance does not require acquiescence or submission. You cannot solve a problem until you admit the problem exists and admitting that it exists does not mean believing that it is insoluble nor that it will take years and great effort to solve it. Fear of pain, illness, chronic disease, dying are all blocks to healing and must be dealt with immediately through accepting their possibility and agreeing that you can over come them and allow healing. Believing that you WILL return to normal functioning, and be fully healthy and vitality again are all important to initiating, maintaining and empowering the healing process.

Decision Versus Indecision

Indecision leaves us unable to act and do what is necessary to heal. To facilitate healing one must make tough decisions, not just think about getting well, but actually take appropriate actions that will lead to concrete healing. The first step in this process is to eliminate ALL negative thoughts, fears and limitations. One must go beyond mere thoughts or desire to stop pain, by seeing and believing that the underlying injury, imbalances, disharmony, conflict and damage can and will be healed. Fearing death can act as a negative desire to create death and undermine healing, therefore  it is important to accept the possibility that you can and possibly even will die from your illness, but just not right now,  and maybe not for 50 or more years (this length of time clearly will depend on your current age, if you are 50 than 50 years would be age 100, but if your life expectancy is 105 why shorten it pick 90 years more to live). This does not give death power, quite the opposite, it says to it, “I no longer fear you, so I can do whatever is necessary to turn you away.” Recognizing that death is inevitable is logical, it just does not have to happen right now nor in the relative near future.

When true positive desire and intentions are created you will no longer be motivated by the negative aspects of your illness, by pain, fear of disability or fear of death. Now all motivations will be positively fueled by a affirmative, even burning desire, to get well and throw off your illness.

Many Ways to Create Healing

In our paper Types of Healing and Their Definitions we suggest and outlined many different ways one can use to create healing. In each and every case, no matter the vehicle healing begins when you start “taking action.” Whether this be when you see your medical doctor, chiropractor, change your diet, begin reading on the subject of your illness or how to heal it, taking classes, joining a support group, through self healing, group healing, or working with a healer or some combination of all or many of these is less important than taking the first step and moving forward toward healing yourself.

It is unimportant as to whether you use approved of or unapproved (who has the right to approve or not approve of what you do any way) techniques such as astrology, Tarot, body work, herbal medications, or standard Western medicines. The primary trigger for healing is taking action to get well and not just for the relief of symptoms, fear or to impress others. The most positive action you can take will be solving and resolving those conflicts which fuel your illness, so whether you start this initially or along the way this is ultimately the most important goal, solving the problems which triggered and fuel your illness. How you do this, as long as you cause no hurt to others along the way is much less important.

Positive Affirmation Versus Negative Affirmations

Whether what you do is or is not considered a “healing process” or whether it is felt to be less than healing by others is unimportant. What is needed is that you feel or even better know that it is the right thing to do and that it will promote your personal healing. While taking prescription medications prescribed by your physician, during massage, or when performing a healing rituals you must make sure that your mind is clear, open and that it is creating healing and positive affirmations and not holding on to negative, illness supporting, conflict creating affirmations.

Too often people enter into treatment or healing programs thinking about how it is going to cost, what others will think of them, that it will fail or that it might fail. They may be focusing on what they will do when their disease (notice their disease implies an ownership and that the disease “belongs” to them) becomes debilitating. They may be thinking about what they will have to lose, or about what bad things might yet happen to them, they may even be thinking about what will happen when their treatment program fails. These negative, illness confirming thoughts and affirmations are not just dangerous and destructive, they are counter productive as they acts to turn off the healing mechanism and creates potentially overwhelming blocks to success. These negative thoughts and affirmations must not be allowed and you must be guard against them and protect yourself from them. Clearly they are common for we see their end result in the problems people have in healing and returning to wellness.

Western Medical Versus Alternative Healing Programs

Each year millions of people are healed using standard Western (allopathic) medical treatment programs. Whether this be prescription medications, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, shock therapy, physical therapy or other routine or special medical treatments. Millions of people are healed using Oriental, or alternative treatment programs. Since no one that we are aware of has studied which is more successful or effective we cannot take sides. Instead, we will suggest that it makes no difference at all. The treatment program, we believe is less important than the belief and power the person gives to the treatment program. Some people believe that one should chose the treatment program based on how dangerous, costly, time consuming it is or is not. If one believes that the treatment program is too costly, or dangerous then they are creating a negative affirmation and reducing the value of the treatment and increasing the risk of complications. Treatment program, no matter which you chose Western medical or alternative, religious or spiritual will generally work better and be more affective if they are thought of as positive affirmations for getting well. “This surgery WILL cure me!” “This medication ritual will help me heal myself!” As versed to “this surgery is dangerous and I could possibly die!” or “Mediation is boring and tedious and probably a waste of my time!”

The Primary Decision of Healing

The following belief is important: “What I do will help me and facilitate my healing! I will survive. I will no longer have pain! Both me and my body are free of illness! I am healed!”  Thinking positively is vital, but thinking and clearly seeing positive end results is even more vital. Believing and seeing your body free of cancer, free of illness, free of disease is primary. For some people this is incredibly difficult because we rarely think of our “healthy body” before we have gotten sick and once sick this negative picture then infiltrates our consciousness and floods our mind. Stop now and think back to what your body, your organs and tissue were like BEFORE you got sick. See them healthy and working for you. See them giving you life and working optimally to ensure your health. Now, keep this picture in your mind instead of any picture of disease and illness, think wellness, not illness!

Secondary Decisions of Healing

Healing does not occur in a vacuum. Often it begins as soon as the individual starts to make his or her life work the way it should work, correctly, fully, healthfully and happily for them. This often requires cleaning up destructive or unresolved affairs once illness is discovered. However, for those people who recognize that this is important early enough, healing will start even earlier. It may even start when the individual begins to honestly evaluate his or her life, when they recognize and look for the many lies they have unwittingly accepted that are now undermining their life, their health, and their well being.

When Does Healing Occur?

Healing begins with and moves forward on resolution. When we resolve or clear up the lies and unresolved conflicts of our life. When we change in a positive direction our lifestyle, our diet, our level of exercise, our honesty about our working situation. When we eliminate our problems and move away from the problem people who make our life a hell for us. When we find best possible or perfectly right job for ourselves. When we do the right work and do it well. When we finally realize that we must work toward and become our highest and best self, and reach out for and accomplish our highest level of personal "perfection."

Healing can continue and even progress if we do not stop it and revert back to our old “unhealthy self” or change our life path to a new negative direction (even though it may take years to create a new illness). In order to prevent falling back to our unhealthy ways we must learn to accept and love our new positive self, we must give our healthy self positive strokes and reward our self for our positive “healthy” changes. We must acknowledge not just that we are doing better, but why we had the problems we had in the first place and why we made such unhealthy decisions, we must do this so that we will never go that way again. We must learn a new and healthier way of living and how to make our new life work for us. This new us will positively activate our immune system, it will give us positive healthy reasons to be living and to be alive, it will help us see negative temptations sooner and it will protect us from falling back in to our old unhealthy ways and lifestyles.

Maintaining Our New Healthy Self

To maintain our new healthy self we must reestablish positive goals and motivations, healthy positive belief systems, we must recognize that WE have done all that was necessary to reverse our illness or disease and to create our new wellness. We must thank our self for the good works we have done. We must give thinks to those that supported and helped us. We must give thanks to our deity for helping, supporting and giving us strength and will power.