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Everyday tens of thousands of people are diagnosed with chronic often debilitating and even fatal diseases. Everyday thousands of people are cured of chronic debilitating and potentially fatal diseases. When people with life-threatening illnesses are cured one of two things happen: 1) their cure is either labeled as a "Miracle!" or 2) it is ignored and swept under the rug. "Their doctor must have made the wrong (bad) diagnosis!"

Standard Western medicine does not believe in healing nor in cures. True some doctors do, but over all, the medical profession is suspicious and reticent to even mention the word “cure” or discuss the concept of “healing” other then when it relates to minor and often self-limiting illnesses. In fact, a doctor may end up losing his license, being ostracized or severely criticized if he or she even suggests to a patient, or in public, or to other doctors, that he or she can “heal” or “cure” an illness. Over the years many doctors have been labeled as charlatans for the mere suggestion that they could possibly help a patient “heal” or “cure” a condition that is not believed curable by the medical profession.

Yet, everyday people are cured. Often when a cure does occur, if any medical treatment had been given to the person who “was cured,” the immediate response of their doctor is to take credit for “the cure” by suggesting that it the cure was made possible the medication (or surgery) they gave (performed) for their patient.

We believe differently. We believe that every disease can potentially be cured. We believe that it is not the doctor, nor the medication, nor even the “healer” who creates “the cure,” but the patient him or her self.

We believe that there is lots of evidence to prove this. The problem is that it will not be scientific evidence for science and scientists today neither have the understanding, tools nor methodology to investigate true healing and true cures.

This does not mean that they are stupid nor dishonest, rather the process of science as it has been defined for the past almost 250 years has been to create acceptable proof using the scientific method. That is, they must be able to not just observe a process with their eyes, ears and other senses on order to validate it, they must be able to theorize, test, prove and reproduce what they believe is happening under laboratory conditions. Whatever they observe must be reproducible, so that is they must be able to make the exact same results occur over and over again, until they are satisfied that their theory is proved and hence acceptable to the scientific community. We do not believe this to be wrong, however, it will not work for understanding “healing” and “cure” in human beings at this time in history.

Since most scientists do not believe in what they can’t see (without a microscope, chemical testing or with the use of other scientific instruments and/or tools. This immediately limits their ability to test and prove “healing” and “cures” in human beings. Also, since “healing” occurs in totally different individuals, each with a totally different upbringing, DNA, bio-chemistry, life experiences, diets, in different parts of the world, and with very different belief systems, even when the same disease is involved, the variable involved are often far greater than the scientific method is at this time in history capable of processing.

The goal of www.IHealedMYSelf.Com is to provide a forum for all of the many people who have experienced healing to tell their stories and share, and in doing so begin to see the commonalities and principles involved in the healing process.

We believe that the process of healing is simple and reproducible. We hope with your help to prove this and open the door for millions who might otherwise experience, suffer, become disabled or die from otherwise curable illnesses, that they can reverse their illness and they can heal themselves.