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Healing Yourself and Others PDF Print E-mail
As soon as the very first human’s appeared on planet Earth, they wondered about illness and began to work toward curing disease, healing and repairing injuries and illness. We know what feeling well means and we know how being ill reduces our chances of survival. We also know that being ill does not feel good and that your life can be shortened and that it is best to stay well and not become ill.

In the beginning, members of these early clan’s took it upon themselves to become healers, shaman, mediums between the visible and spiritual worlds, and the worlds of wellness and illness. In the very beginning most humans were unsure of where illness came from. Many believed that it was a “gift” or “curse” from the God’s. That it might well be repayment for the evil and wrong things they did. Others, believe that illness was merely a trial to determine if they were worthy of power or even to survive. Others, over time, began to consider external sources including ill humors, evil spirits, in balances of cosmic or spiritual forces, poisons, bad water or air and most currently bacteria, viruses, environmental factors and genetics.

As Western Medicine developed the shaman and priest healers were gradually replaced by first Barber Surgeons and later by physicians, MD and DO’s. Today there are laterally hundreds of different types of healers some with roots in the most ancient healing techniques and others who are ensconced in the most modern and even futuristic healing.

For the average person all that is important is healing. While sick people often referred to as “patients” by modern western medicine, many still look to the past, while others look to the future. Within this web site we look to both the past and the future to find and discuss ways to prevent and heal illness, whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual in nature.

We hope that you will join with us and tell us your story. If you have had an illness, tell us how you have been cured. Whether it was through standard Western medicine or alternative resource we want to hear how you healed yourself. Using this information others can know first of all that healing is not only possible, but happens all the time and secondly they can learn from you, how to heal themselves and their loved ones.