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Secrets of Spiritual Healing PDF Print E-mail
Written by Allen Lawrence, M.D.   
Thursday, 01 December 2011 00:54

Healing is not a vague promise of what others can do nor what people imagine can happen. Healing is a power and ability we all posses. Every day, thousands of times a day, we heal our body of injuries and insults. The ancients understood this. They could not always explain it. It ended up being a large part of the secrets of healing they possessed and used to protect and influence healing.

These secrets while not directly taught, have allowed people, like you and me, to heal themselves, to heal others and to cure all sorts of illness. While our current western medical profession often appears to believe healing can only occur with the use of “sophisticated” medical treatments. While western medicine does accept that healing can be based on what we can do for ourselves, we should not be afraid to use our own internal healing powers, to heal ourselves. You can learn the very secrets of healing that ancient healers used to heal themselves and their client/patients. In this program we will talk about spiritual healing......

Spiritual Healing is often considered to differ from medical healing in that:

1.    It relates to or is affected by our human spirit as opposed to material or physical things.  
2.    It relates to religion or religious belief.
3.    Spiritual healing is healing in which the healer is felt to be either an instrument of the divine, taking power from the divine, and encouraging and allowing the power of the divine to heal.

Ultimately, however, there is no single definition or universally agreed upon definition, of spiritual healing, that can be used or accepted by everyone. The closest we can get is understanding the following:.

Spiritual Healing

●    The use of spiritual practices, such as prayer, chanting, meditation, communicating with a higher spirit or other spiritual practices for the purpose of affecting a cure of or an improvement in a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual illness.
●    Any healing systems based on the principle of spirituality and its positive effect on well-being, recovery and/or healing.

On a practical basis most people tend to think of spiritual healing as:

●    Healing through petitioning, calling on or bring to bear the power or help of a or The Higher Power.
●    When we do this we usually consider that this Higher Power exists on at least one of two levels:

•    We call upon a Higher Power that exists either within the healer or within the person being healed; a Personal Higher Power the Spirit within),
•    We call upon a Higher Power that exists everywhere, in all things and operates the Universe within which we live and exist, a Universal Higher Power (God), of the Intelligence of the Universe, for those who are unsure or chose not to believe in the existence of  “God.” or “God: who believe in a single all powerful deity or its agents (Angels, Arc Angels, Saints).

What Most People Do Not Know About Spiritual Healing

●    Spiritual healing may be the same as or may be significantly different from normal healing.
●    This is because each of us has built into us, our body and mind, what in its most simplistic sense could be called a “Automatic” or “Intrinsic Healing Systems” These systems when called upon or are activated by us or by a Higher Power can and do act to heal us.

If you cut yourself, the cut heals with little or no help from our conscious-aware self.
If you get a virus or bacterial infection, your body attacks and destroys the invading organisms and heals all or most of the damage done. This system are our immune, healing, repair and defensive systems.

In, my soon to be published, book When Your Body Talks, Listen! I describe these systems in great detail how and why they work. What is most important here is that operate at a level of intelligence much greater than our own external intelligence. We, that is, our conscious, awake, alert selves, did not design or instigate these systems, rather they must have been designed or created by, or come from a Higher Power, either an intelligence which operates within us or one from outside of us (God or evolution). Its goal is as always to makes sure that we not only survive, but that we also thrive and remain healthy and well.

In a sense, we are designed to be healthy and well, and we only fall out of wellness and good health when we do not take care of ourselves, when we break an important rule of life such as not eating healthy, getting sufficient sleep or exercise, when we maintain a positive outlook and when we believe in our highest and best self, our personal higher power.

What are your personal beliefs about spiritual healing?”

Looking for Proof of Our Spiritual Nature

Science is about proof, and while we cannot, without any doubt, prove that we have a spiritual nature, nor that any Higher Power exists. We can however use these healing powers to help ourselves. There is a great deal of indirect evidence that can lead us, willingly or unwillingly, to recognize that spirit and spiritual healing do in fact, exist:

1.    We are alive, or at least we “believe”we are alive..
2.    We have a consciousness of existence – we “believe” or know that we are more then just a rock or an animate object with no consciousness.
3.    We think, solve problems and understand. We are creative, we build and destroy.
4.    We “believe” or “know” that we are more than all of these actions or capacities...
5.    Most of us have from our earliest existence believed and/or have some type of faith in spirits, gods, or a single all inclusive, “God.
6.    We talk about and “believe” in prayer, we may often even ask, hope and believe that God or at least spirits exist and that they will help us.
7.    We may at times ask these spirits, gods, or God, to help us do what we believe needs to be done, in order to provide for us, give us wisdom, or heal us and our illnesses.
8.    We have created religions to organize our beliefs, thoughts and actions in regard to these spirits, gods or God.
9.    While we inherently know that we are self-healing creatures, we also know that we, our awake, alert and conscious self, is not entirely responsible for this healing. This means that we do not have to use our will power or strongest desires, and yet we have the ability to heal. We may also recognize that to the degree we ask for or pray to our spirits, gods or God, we can direct this healing power and at times even have some very limited control over it. That is, we can to varying degrees will ourselves to be better or to heal.
10.    We know that we, as humans, when we work with or operate through spirit have the ability to heal ourselves and others, yet, we still look for ways to better understand, even direct or control this power.

Therefore, since our spiritual nature and the presence of God cannot be proven, it is thus a matter of belief and faith. Hence, spiritual healing is ultimately a matter of belief and faith.

●    Without belief and faith we may have no access to spirit and therefore, no access to spiritual healing.

●    Without belief and faith, how can we believe or accept that spirit exists, that spirit can or will heal us or that we have the power to call upon them to heal us or our loved ones.

●    Finally, it has been proven in many scientific studies, that prayer can increase, promote and/or activate healing, even at great distances.

The Three Dimensions Of Our Internal Self

I personally operate from beliefs in Hawaiian Healing system, Huna. Huna tells us that within each of us lie’s three spirits we commonly recognize. While we instinctively, know that these three spirits must work together in order to allow full and complete healing and protection against illness, disease and injury, we do not always make this an easy process.

These three spirits are:

●    Our Lower Self – Unihipili – Our Animal Spirit
●    Our Middle Self  – Uhane – Our Spirit Which Talks
●    Our Higher Self  – Our Aumakua – Our Totally Benevolent, Totally Trust Worthy Parental Spirit

While many people do not allow themselves to believe in the unseen, that which they cannot prove or explain using the laws of science, not much more than a hundred years ago we had similar issues with electricity, energy waves, atomic particles. We could not see them, yet we could, if when we looked closely, see evidence of their existence.

In our consciousness, if not in our body of science, we talk about God, spirits, angles, heaven, hell, unseen dimensions which we believe in as part of our spiritual world. Since the very beginning of time, men and women have feared, prayed to and loved, unseen gods, and later, the One and Only True God.

When we hurt, we pray. When we fear, we pray. We therefore find faith in the unseen, that which we cannot know nor scientifically prove, yet we still believe does actually exist.

From the earliest times humans have invoked spirits and gods to request healing. Human’s ask their God(s) to create healing and when healing occurs we thank our God(s) for his or her Healing. When healing did not occur, we may curse or blaspheme God(s) for not allowing or for not  invoking the healing that we desired.

The Bible is commonly referred to as the “Inspired Word of God,” however, as one reads the Bible, we find something that may be quite startling. If you believe that the Bible represents the Inspired Word of God, then God must exist. Even more startling is that if one clearly understands the Bible, then it soon becomes clear that there is within most religious text a hidden code, in fact three hidden codes. We can read the Bible as the Inspired Word of God, hence as a religious text, it is as if our Higher Power talking to us. We can read it as parables, historical stories, and messages about wisdom, bravery and failings of our species. Or, one can also recognize it to be a text book of prevention, wellness and mental health. This last form offers us volumes of information on how to protect ourselves from illness, how to create, maintain and promote mental health and encourage wellness and if you look closely how we can heal ourselves. In all three forms: 1) as a religious text, 2) as a educational/historical code of ethics text, and 3) as textbook of mental health and healing; the Bible provides powerful information which can only be of value if you believe and have faith in what is written.

To understand how to use the Bible as a text book for prevention and healing one therefore must have faith and believe in the unseen, which when you have faith and believe, will then suddenly becomes as clear to you as the nose on your face in the mirror.

One can recognize this even better if you use a model that might at first seem far off and distant from the Bible, from spirit, from prevention and from healing. A system that many immediately dismiss even before allowing its wisdom to impact them. Huna.... a Hawaiian/Polynesian healing system, Huna Prayer and how each of our three dimensions body, mind and spirit really work.... this, however, is a topic we will cover in a future lecture.

Ultimately, spiritual healing requires a willingness to allow and have faith and belief in what is right, what solves problems and creates solutions that are essential to making everything whole and healthy again. Believing in spirit opens us up to the spiritual realm. This then allows spirit to believe in us. This in turn then allows us to feel free to ask for spirits help which then allows spirit to provide to and for us, what it knows we need or must have to heal ourselves.

If you believe that you are a spiritual being then open yourself to spiritual healing.