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The Challenge of Illness PDF Print E-mail
Written by Allen Lawrence, M.D.   
Wednesday, 14 December 2011 01:14
As with everything in life, illness has both a good side and bad side to it. While we often concentrate more on the negative or bad aspects, the physical challenges, pain, suffering, side affects and direct results of the illness, it is important for us to at least acknowledge if not understand that often some good comes out of illness.

While we are all quite familiar with the negative aspects of illness, its negative effects on our body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Its negative effect on the sick persons financial status. Illness not only effects the person who is sick, but also the entire family, their friends, their job and coworker as well as their self image. It often also effects the sick persons willingness to live their life fully. It can affect their feelings of helplessness or hopelessness, it can lead to the creation of death wishes, fear, anguish, hostility, fear of losing, fear of pain, pain, fear of death and the reality of death. To this list we can also add a host of other personal or individual negative emotions, fears, feelings and experiences. Illness is often embarrassing, humiliating and frequently dehumanizing.

While all of this and more is true about the negative aspects of illness, especially life-threatening illness, it is also true that for some people who find themselves sick, whether during the days, weeks and months of their illness, or at the moment of recognition of their illness, or in the seconds before death, illness, especially life-threatening illness, can have a very positive side.

You may be thinking or asking yourself right now, “What possibly good could come out of being sick?” “There is absolutely nothing positive about having cancer, or having a heart attack, or any major injury or other illness.” You may however, be wrong. So now, you start asking yourself “How can this jerk, even think this way? How can he possibly be trying to tell us that anything good could come out of being sick or having ones life threatened to the point of death and possibly extinction?”

The fact is that illness can and often does have a positive side and not just for the doctors or the medical industry, but for the sick person, his family, his friends for everyone. This has often been the theme of great literature and movies, yet, it is often missed by the average person. Illness changes lives and can create a situation where life wishes, the survival instinct, the need to win, and the rediscover of the “will to survive,” cannot only take over, but even flourish and guide the sick person from the edge of death to the heights of life.

This is partially the reason for this web site, To find and share stories of success in conquering illness and the demons of despair, disability and death. Illness can take an individual down to the bottom of his or her life pit, to the place where they either give up or turn and fight. Illness can, and often is, the catalyst for life change. As we will most likely see, illness is often deceptively created because the individual is living the wrong life, because he or she is lying to their self, because they are robbing their immune and healing system of positive energy or because their conscious or unconscious selves have given up and would rather hide or die than fight for what they know they really must have in their life. This theme plays itself out over and over, and over again in the stories persons who have spontaneously healed themselves tell. In mythology, in literature, in movies and in the stories people who have healed themselves tell. We shall see if this is true as men and women tell their stories and search for how to heal themselves. It is important to know that one may see the good that comes out of illness but still close their hearts and mind to it and allow in only the bad. To see the good involved in illness, requires that you open your heart, your mind and your eyes and allow it to enter into you where you can see and experience it. Only then will you see who, what, when, where and why it exists.


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