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Healing Comes From Within PDF Print E-mail
Written by Allen Lawrence, M.D.   
Wednesday, 14 December 2011 01:17

Healing is not something outside of us. While there are many ways to heal, there are many disciplines and many types of treatments which facilitate healing. In this paper we will be primarily interested in only one mechanism of healing, that is healing that comes from within. We do not suggest that using medications, surgery, radiation, or any medical, non-traditional or alternative form of healing is wrong nor that it should not be used, rather the point we want to make is that these are simply vehicles to use and get you where you want to go, they are not the power that will get you there. The power to heal comes from with us, from our mind, from our life force energy, from our beliefs and what we do and do not do. The individual who looks to be healed must first of all look within and find the power to heal no matter which system is used no matter how powerful that system is.

The Power of Your Mind

It should be said that minor healing, partial healing, or even full and complete healing is a normal processes of our body. The individual who finds his or herself sick may instantly wish to eliminate this illness but then think to them self that healing is hard, or difficult or even impossible. If we look around us, we are likely to see that there are many sick people, and we then may think to our self that if healing were easy then why aren’t all of these people already healed. Many people might ask them selves, “What is necessary to help myself heal?” Instead of simple answers and recognizing the facts they might instead become confused, frustrated, fearful or disconnected at the thought of how to make healing happen, where to start and what they should do. In truth healing, within you, within all of us takes place 24 hours a day, 365 days-a-year, every day of our life. It is part of who we are. This often at first be hard for some people to believe but it is true. The problem with healing illness lies not in our ability to heal our self, but in our ability to turn on our healing mechanism at will and to create powerful internal reasons to heal. Instead we are more likely to think of all of the reasons why we became ill and why we should stay ill, The problems is not in our ability to heal ourselves, it is in the way in which we allow illness to occur in the first place, our belief in illness and our discomfort with believing that we can have power over our illness and that we can heal ourselves. There is also our inability to solve problems, to eat a wholesome and appropriate diet, exercise regularly, think healthy and healing thoughts, find or create a lifestyle that works for us and not against us.

Healing is natural and comes from within. Many years ago, I asked a friend, a Hawaiian wood carver, where his apparently vast creativity came from. He had over his adult lifetime created literally thousands of wood carving, some so small they would fit within the palm of your hand and others 20, 30, even 50 feet tall. I was curious as to how he came up with the ideas for his carvings. After I asked him, he sat for a while, then he looked directly at me, slightly shook his head and said, “I don’t decide what is to be carved from the wood, the wood does!” As I walk though the forests, I listen for wood that wants to be carved. The pieces cry out, “Come take me I have within me something I need to say, something I need to express.” I take that wood home. I live with it. I watch it. I listen to it. One day, often when I least expect it, the wood tells me what is to come out of it. Then, I simply take away the pieces that need to be taken away to let out that shape or object that was always within that piece of wood. That life that wanted, yes even had to come out of it. Michael Angelo said something similar when asked about his carving of David that he just removed the pieces that were not David.

Self-Healing Versus Healing From Within

When we talk about healing from within, we mean that you already have the power to heal built into you. It does not come from anything done to you, only what you agree with and allow to happen. This is often confused with self-healing. When we use the term self-healing we mean that you mediate the healing technique, you chose them and you perform the actions or rituals that create healing. In order to do this you must have the power to heal already within you. So while they are similar, one cannot do self-healing without using the healer that already exists in side of them. You could not heal yourself, no matter what healing techniques you use if you did not already have the power to heal your self within you. You can go to a healer or use medical services and heal yourself because you already have the power to heal within you.

You have already healed your self millions of times since before your birth, as the power to heal has lived within you since shortly after conception and has always been available and wanting to be used. All that was ever needed was for you to take away those pieces of yourself that have blocked you from seeing, feeling and allowing the true healthy you to always be there. This healing site is dedicated to helping people understand this. Healing people who are ill, whether they have a minor illness or are imminently fatal illness, a massive or incomprehensible illness, is facilitated by helping them find the healing part of themselves and then learning how to remove those unhealthy parts that are smothering, poisoning, corrupting or blocking it from working and supporting full and complete health and wellness.

While there are many ways to find and let out this healthy self, we will directly be discussing medical or alternative treatments. In our story section you can introduce your experience with medical and alternative treatments, or with self or healer mediated healing and discuss them, how you believed they helped, what you did to help yourself, what you did to block your healing or hurt yourself, what role you believe these blacks and unresolved conflicts played in causing illness and limiting your ability to heal or become ill. We ask that you do not lose sight of the fact that these “treatments” are not the reason you are healing, that they are simply a part of a process which you are using to find, uncover, release and give power to the healthiest part of yourself, your internal healing power. If you give them the credit for healing you, then you will have missed the point entirely. Only you can heal yourself. You can however use any mechanism that causes no hurt to yourself or others to help you to do this.

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