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Healing Is All Around Us PDF Print E-mail
Written by Allen Lawrence, M.D.   
Monday, 06 May 2013 20:51

New and Old, New Again

The process of healing is all around us. It almost makes no difference where you look nor what you believe for if you look around you, you are likely to see things breaking down and being destroyed while at the very same time from the remnants of what was destroyed, comes rebirth and new life.

I remember many years ago, a building near where I was living was being torn down. I had driven past this building many times and thought it was a terrible waste and loss. The building was old, yet beautiful. While it was not quite a historic building it was artistic and attractive, yet, when all was done and it was leveled and new construction started I felt angry and upset. The owners were building a new and modern building, one which had no history except to replace what had been there in the past.

Slowly over the next few months the new building took shape, but it made no difference for I just knew it would be less of what had been and hence it had been wrong to tear down and replace it. The new building would likely be just another new Amonstrosity.@ Yet, I waited to see what would ultimately result.

Over the time it took to build this new building, I would pass this site many dozens of times and each time I would either feel or think negatively about what was happening. Finally, the building was up and the construction walls, the obstacle to really seeing the entire building were taken down and taken away, I was shocked to see what resulted.

The new building was tall and yet, elegant, large and yet graceful. The new building was beautiful and architecturally quite superb. It was on that day, the day the building as literally born, that I once again recognized that the cycle of life had turned another corner to once again give us a new life, in this case a new building with a life and style or its own. Now, many years later, whenever I drive past this building, I have two reactions, one, what a shame the old building had to come down, and two, look what it gave birth too, I would bet if the old building were human, it would be extremely proud of its progeny.

True, I am talking about an inanimate building, it was not and never had been alive, yet, it reminded me of the cycle of  life and death, birth, life, death and rebirth. For what had been before had served for many years and it had become old, it was no longer it highest and best self and in a sense it replaced itself with a new life, one could see if you look closely at its offspring that as we humans are born, we live, evolve and gradually age until we mate, create new life and give birth to our progeny, In doing so we create new more advanced life. In doing so we create new opportunity, we offer up our selves and all we know to the next generation so that life survives and so it is with all around us whether it is a tree, a mountain, A building, OR even our planet itself. We heal our species by maintaining it, evolving it and creating new life to replace ourselves as we must to keep our species fresh and life moving forward.

This is the ultimate goal of healing. To regenerate that which is either injured or needs to be evolved. Healing changes us in many ways some quite difficult to understand some less difficult and clearly meaningful to us and the life we lead.

We, too often, minimize the construct of healing to the healing of wounds or illness, of our relationships, how we live our life, yet healing is also a much grander process as it also includes the healing of planet earth, our solar system, even our entire universe. Healing transcends the simple concepts of healing we often attribute to this process as it also encompasses healing of our entire species, of our relationship with planet earth, with God and with all that we are our life. In the end there are two main purposes for healing, first, to assist us in mainlining ourselves as individuals, and secondly, to assist us in surviving and maintaining as life itself.

When in the future you think of the concept of healing, remember that healing goes on all around us and it may look different from what we think it should look for healing not only represents a process of repair but also of growth and evolution at both the highest and lowest levels of all we know and understand.

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Working Hard PDF Print E-mail
Written by Allen Lawrence, M.D.   

Many people believe that there is nothing that is as good for us as hard work. I agree. At least I do today for I have been working quite hard to finish up the ten books that I vowed to have published by June of 2013.

We have just finished, and put up at, the first of the ten books. It is a book Lisa and I originally published in 1994 called Huna, Ancient Miracle Healing Practices and the Future of Medicine.

Back in the late 1980's when I first started to search though the medical databases and journals for information about healing, I had been confused to find that “healing” was primarily only used in relationship to wound healing. You cut yourself and without having to do too much more, depending on the size of the wound, then wash the wound and put a band-aid on it, wounds mysteriously healed on their own.

While this was and still is an important aspect of healing, I was much more interested in how I could heal people with illnesses and diseases that were more dangerous or problematic to them then a simple cut or laceration. I kept looking until I found a book by Max Freedom Long on Huna. My research took me from the hallowed halls of medicine to the distant dark and dingy world of shamans and non-medical healers. If I couldn’t find information about healing in the medical literature, I chose to look elsewhere and in doing so found a treasure trove of non-medical information on how and what the ancients knew and thought about healing. Gradually, over a number of years, I began to piece by piece learn what healing was all about.

Huna was for me a lynchpin, a Rosetta stone, for understanding healing. It made no difference to me that Long was not a medical doctor that in fact he was a school teacher, what made a difference was that what he wrote was consistent not only with what made sense, but with the facts as I had begun to understand them regarding healing.

Long wrote a series of some, I believe, 14 books on Huna. I read them all and with each volume recognized more and more of the pieces to the healing puzzle. In 1994, I started putting all of what he wrote and what I understood into the form of a manuscript. My goal had been to offer to those who were ill a way to take the best advantages of Western Medicine and join them with what I knew was the best information available about healing. The second part of this goal was to help other to create an understanding of how healing works and how they could use ancient wisdom to help facilitate current day healing.

Lisa and I have now updated and slightly revised our 1994 edition which has been out of print since 2001. We have uploaded it to where is available as an e-book for iPad, Kindle, and number of other e-book formats. It will soon also be up on Amazon as well.

For those of you interested in healing, being healed, healing yourself or healing others Huna, Ancient Miracle Healing Practices and the Future of Medicine is now, once again, available. In the next few weeks we will also be uploading several other books on healing and curing PMS, Stress-Related Disorders, and our newest and most aggressive work, When Your Body Talks, Listen!  Don’t worry we will have more about each of these books in the next few weeks. For more information on our book

Huna, Ancient Miracle Healing Practices and the Future of Medicine and about Huna go to and

Working At Healing My Self PDF Print E-mail
Written by Allen Lawrence, M.D.   
I have not been as diligent as usual in that I ma not spending time writing for as I usually do. In my defense, if one is needed, I have been working on finishing up editing two books I am about to publish. The books are When Your Body Talks, Listen! and Huna-Ancient Miracle Healing and the Future of Medicine.

Maybe it is easy to understand but writing these two books has been a major life time journey. They are filled with intimate information about healing and how healing works and the relationship between healing and the practice of medicine.

The fact is I have written them and continue to work on them because they heal me. That is, working on them allows my to use a good part of the wisdom I have acquired in the past 43 years since I started practicing medicine.

I have always known that healing, that is the complete elimination of illness, has been a real end result. Many physicians actually do not believe that healing actually happens, but Ido. I believe that what I am about is healing and not just healing in the sense of treating or putting a band-aid on the wound but rather complete reversal and elimination of all illness no matter how threatening and dangerous the illnesses seemed, the more it can still be healed.

Once I finish these two books I have three more that are simply waiting fro me to work at finishing them up. For the most part they are written and only need a last review to make sure it is complete and well edited.

Stick with me and I will have a lost of excellent information that you and others will help solve their problems.

I will keep all of you posted as to my progress and I will let you know when they are ready to be purchased.

An Exercise in Healing PDF Print E-mail
Written by Allen Lawrence, M.D.   
Sunday, 16 September 2012 21:18
We have long suggested that just about anything and everything you do, even when we screw up, is an exercise in healing. True people can argue that creating problems is not really a meaningful exercise in healing, yet in fact without problems, what is it that we can in fact heal. If life was already perfect, if everything always went perfectly each day, if mistakes were never an option what would there be to heal? Certainly we could argue this premiss, but the fact is mistakes and screw ups are absolutely necessary so that we can have situations to heal.

The issue here is not the mistakes but rather recognizing them so that we can apply our ability to resolve them and heal ourselves and others from the problems and conditions our mistakes and screw ups cause. In that sense we need mistakes and screw ups to help create situations to heal. Hence, healing can only occur when we have a problem that need solution.

Again, we could argue about the level of the screw up, how big the mistake is and how terribly it affects others, this is where the One-Sin Rule becomes so important. For if we are to heal ourselves it is best that what we must heal all problems from the lowest to the highest level of problem we  might experience. Certainly murder, rape, armed robbery, causing purposeful injury to others would be considered to be awful crimes, healing after having committed such a crime could be difficult and require extremely difficult work on our part for complete healing without lasting consequences to our self and others. After murdering someone, the murderer might go to prison for the rest of his or her life, they might even be executed, but even so, healing is still possible, even under such adverse conditions.

For the rest of us healing requires that we take action to either undo or fix our problem, this usually requires resolving our problem and learning and growing from them. For many their main problem is simply not believing that healing is possible, for others it is not knowing how to initiate or create healing. Possibly our greatest problem, why these two issues are even issues at all, is that as a society we do not believe in healing and we rarely if ever teach our children or even our adults how to not have problems and how to heal them if we do. As a society we have chosen not to teach our children how to recognize problems in process or how to stop creating problems and heal them. We do not teach our children nor our adults how see the healing that is going on around us all of the time, nor what we can and should do when we need healing.

For me currently, my healing revolves around finishing up my series of books on healing. Having recognized that healing is all around us, I soon also recognized that it is not easy to convey to our society that, 1) most people do not believe in healing, 2) it is therefore not easy to write about healing when there are so many types of healing, and 3) it is not easy to explain healing when people are more involved in their pain and suffering then they are in healing their problems so that they can relieve their pain and suffering.

The first book we wrote about healing was a very short book about stress and stress-related disorders or illnesses, Stress-Related Disorders, Illness and Intelligent Act of the Body. We, Lisa and I, knew in 1992 when we wrote this book that it was merely an outline, the beginning of a process of explaining and teaching about Stress-Related Disorders (SRD’s). Now that we have finally completed this more detailed and definitive work on this subject, we need to get it out to people so that they can finally understand what healing is and how they can use healing to resolve the problems that are causing them to be ill. Our new book, When Your Body Talks, Listen! comes out of our many years of experience and observing and treating people who’s lives were negatively affected, turned up side down, because of SRDs.  In finishing this book we have healed an important part of ourselves, our need to help other heal and in doing so complete our own healing processes, healing ourselves.
What About Depression? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Allen Lawrence, M.D.   
Wednesday, 15 August 2012 20:37
I recently saw a 22-year-old woman whose main problem was depression. While she had been hospitalized about one year ago for her depression, she generally functioned totally normally. She did not have what we think of as clinical depression, but instead what might be thought of as mild to moderate situational depression based on a number of unresolved situations and conflicts in her life. She held down a job, went to school and took care of her self quite well. She states that she has been depressed on and off over the past 6 years. When I asked her what she believed her main issue or problem was, she pulled inside of herself for a minute and then opened up with tears in her eyes she said, “I have no idea what I want to be and I worry that I will be useless and do nothing with my life.”
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